How to Know if You Are a White Witch

First things first anyone can be a witch, just as anyone can be a Christian. Wicca is first and foremost a religion, and as such once you “convert” into the religion you are a witch. This post is more for the Wiccan that is unsure whether they have more natural power as a white witch (as opposed to a green witch, black magick has no place in this circle and anyone can try to exert their will onto another, one does not need special powers for that).

White witches are mostly within the psychic realm. You may have very lucid dreams, maybe even premonitions. From a psychological standpoint, you may be someone that relies heavily on your intuition (you may be interested in taking the Myers Briggs personality assessment, this is a good indicator of whether you rely on your intuition to make decisions). One of the true tests of a white witch however, is divination. Almost anyone can practice the different forms of divination: oracle and tarot cards, runes, pendulums, skrying, tasseography, etc. the difference is whether you get results.


When a white witch practices divination, the spirits and the divine take notice. If when you do readings, either for yourself or others, do you consistently get relevant results? You may not even know the reading was relevant until a couple of days have passed and your reading comes into fruition. You may not be proficient or show any natural talent for all of the divination mediums, but you should have some natural ability in at least one area.

White witches are also proficient healers. This can be spiritual or physical. Often white witches will make poppets to inspire healing in either oneself or another. Do you have the compulsion or need to help others? This may be an indicator of your natural healing powers attempting to manifest in some form. Do you tend to have a calming effect when others are upset? Maybe another indicator.

Whether your are a white witch, green witch, or still have no idea, the important thing to remember is that everyone has natural power and energy that can be used to help others and oneself, or can be destructive when one’s own selfish needs are imposed on another. Whichever path is chosen, the rule of three still applies.

I hope you found this post helpful! Do you feel like you are a white witch? Tell me about your experience in the comments!

Blessed be, Luna

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