Seedlings from Imbolc Part 1

Hello all!

This is an update on how my little seedlings from Imbolc are doing. To give newcomers a little bit of background, these seeds were planted in the days leading 2015-02-14_15.53.49 up to Imbolc. They were then dedicated and blessed in a ritual that was performed on Imbolc. For the full reference there are links to the preparation before and after Imbolc. So far only the sage, thyme, basil, and oregano have sprouted. Since these were the first to sprout and announce to the world that they are here, I will write about each of their magickal properties and when the others sprout I will write about them as well.Sage

Why should a man die who has sage in his garden? – proverb

Sage is masculine in nature and associated with the element of air and the planet Jupiter. Sage is commonly used to smudge and purify the body as well as the home. It is also used in magical workings for immortality, longevity, wisdom, protection and the granting of wishes.

Often thyme can be used to promote restful sleep or in healing rituals. Burning thyme in your bowl or cauldron may help give you courage to face a confrontation, as the ancient Romans were known to bathe in thyme before combat to increase courage and strength. Further, carrying around sprigs of thyme in your pocket can aid in developing psychic powers. Thyme is associated with the feminine, the element of water, and is ruled by Venus.

Never enough thyme – proverb

Basil has a long history, but is commonly used to focus the mind and attract peace2015-02-14_15.51.14 and harmony. You may place basil in different places within your house for protection. Basil is also used in peacemaking rituals after a quarrel. Basil is associated with the masculine, fire, and the planet Mars.

Magic originating from the Mediterranean area consider oregano a protection herb. Planting oregano around your home helps ward off negative energy. It is associated with the feminine, Aphrodite, and the element air.

This just goes to show that white and green magick really go hand in hand. If it were not for the plants, we would have little power. This is true of all life, we cease to exist without the earth and all that flows from it.

A garden requires patient labor and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them. – Liberty Hyde Bailey

2015-02-14_15.52.31Blessed be, Luna

4 thoughts on “Seedlings from Imbolc Part 1

  1. So jealous and too adorable. Heh. Living in a dorm so hardly get sunlight through the windows. Doesnt help much that far north its still pretty wintery and cloudy. Unpredictable weather here. Look forward to seeing more progress posts. ;D


    1. Even if you have little light to work with there are a few indoor growing lights from Amazon that you can use to grow your own little garden. I admit some are a bit pricey and a college budget is practically non-existent. Maybe an upcoming birthday present? Or better yet a Beltane present! I added a link of one that I have heard good things about.

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    2. Apartment Therapy has some great tips for cramped gardening. Living in a dorm can be really difficult for the plant-lover, but don’t give up. Definitely try Luna’s lights! Or grow some plants that don’t need much light. Mint is a great one! You can still use the window sill, because even if it is dark and dreary the plants still use the unseen UV rays. It is always worth a shot. Just remember that when gardening indoors, if you have the heat on, to keep an eye on the moisture of the soil. 🙂

      And here is a link to some plants that do not need as much sunlight:

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