New Moon Ritual January

January 20th marked the first new moon of 2015. Each month the new moon marks a chance to banish the negative from one’s life and invite the positive. Thus, banishing rituals are welcomed during this time.

The ritual performed on this particular new moon included some candle and cauldron magic. First, the circle was cast and cleansed using sage. Then in utter darkness there was a meditation to connect to the god and goddess. Once the meditation was complete, the words “out of darkness comes light” were spoken and the white candle was lit and the room was illuminated.

Now comes the banishing spell. On bay leaves whatever negative emotion or behavior that was to be banished was written on the bay leaves, one at a time. Once all of the things to be banished were written down, they were lit by the candle and placed in the cauldron.

The ritual was completed by a personal oracle card reading and pendulum dowsing, and of course ending the circle.

Blessed be, Luna

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