Circle Overview

The founders of Circle of the PussyWillows currently do not live in the same place geographically (spiritually they are exactly in the same place), and therefore cannot hold regular meetings. However, there has been a general consensus to practice magick at least once every Monday (or moon’s day).

We accept both the god and goddess, and there is not an emphasis on one more than the other as they are both halves of a whole. Our approach on which god or goddess that a member can worship is an eclectic one. The member has the option to choose which deity suits a specific situation.

The Circle of the PussyWillows does not follow any hierarchical order and there is no “leader,” however the founders do outline the general parameters of the circle, and encourage a collaborative structure.

We are currently only accepting one new member per year. The reasoning behind this is that the circle is a very tight knit group and everyone is a part of the welcoming of a new member. Since there is no central location for the circle, this process of building trust and establishing relationships is slowed. Thus, it takes approximately one year for this relationship to be built among all members before the process can begin again with a new member.

Current Status: Closed

There is a minimum age of 18 for any member who wishes to join the circle.

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